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Clergy are those who are ordained deacons and priests.  Priests are people who are called to pray for people, to proclaim God’s blessings and assurances of forgiveness, and to celebrate communion.

Revd Jo Wood Team Rector (designate) Biography
Revd Phil Rodd Team Vicar (designate) Biography
Revd Deborah Walton Team Vicar (designate) Biography
Revd Linda Shuker Retired Priest  
Revd Sandy Mitchell Retired Priest  
Revd Albert Cadmore Retired Priest  

Licensed Lay Ministers

Formerly known as Readers in the Church of England, Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs), like Clergy, receive a license from the Bishop to minister, and their calling is nationally recognised throughout the Church of England.  Acknowledging that all Christians are called to a priestly ministry (where they represent God to the world and the world to God), LLMs receive much of the same training as clergy and perform much of the same ministry.  

Margaret Parish    
Judy Pritchard    
Alison McTaggart Biography  


Authorised Worship Assistants

Authorised Worship Assistants (AWAs) are recognised across the Diocese of Norwich as people who have been called to be a face of the church’s ministry, where they may well lead services and preach.  Like clergy and LLMs, AWAs may be seen leading in any church within Flegg Parish Churches, although some may choose to focus their ministry within one church.

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Sally Mitchell    
Roy Burrows    
Philip Laker-Jones    
Maria Swatman    
Michael Bird    
Graham Bircham    
Peter Lockyear    
Simon Tilley    
Matthew Hodder    


Do You Feel Called?

St Paul writes about all christians being part of Christ’s body, where we all contribute towards the church’s functioning.  If you would like to explore how Christ might be calling you then please contact us (via the ‘Contact Us’ page).


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