All of our churches are open during the day, every day.  Apart from services, which are a form of prayer, our churches are mainly used by individuals who value these sacred spaces to draw closer to God in prayer.  You can pray anywhere, inside or outside a church, but our churches also have a special place within them where individuals can sit, pray and light a candle.

Prayer is a central activity that can help us become aware of God being alongside us; prayer can be described as being present to God’s presence.  It is in prayer that, ultimately, we become aware of who God is and who we are, his beloved child.  However, getting into prayer can sometimes be difficult if we are not used to it or because there is something getting in the way of us being able to be present to God’s presence.

If you would like some help to pray then try exploring this link.  However, sometimes we just need someone to pray for us and be comforted to know that we are being held in prayer, we know that someone sending their ‘thoughts’ is a nice gesture, but doesn’t actually bring about change to a situation.  You can either leave a prayer request on a piece of paper and leave it in the prayer space in our churches or you can submit a prayer request by completing the form below.  You can either request that this prayer remains private or public if you are happy for the wider church community to pray for this too.  If you would like the prayer to be public then it might even be included below.

Some public prayer requests

  • Pray for those who are working to help us be safe from the coronavirus
  • Pray for those who are mourning loved ones and for those who cannot attend the funeral of a friend


Prayer Request Form

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2. I am happy for this prayer request to be shared for other people to pray

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