Messy Church

As the title suggests, Messy Church is a form of church that is messy. It is church because, at the heart of it, is a place where people come together to explore that there are things that are beyond what we can see. Being a Christian church, it interprets these things in the form of God who created everything and, although is invisible to our eyes, can most fully be seen through the life of Jesus. Through Jesus, we can see that God is a just and loving God who has created us to be in a relationship with him. This is why worship is central to a Messy Church meeting. Just as in any church worship, we hear a reading from the bible, someone will help us understand what is meant from the bible reading, and we respond in song and prayer.


This form of church is also ‘messy’ because there are activities (some of them are messy) that also help us to engage with the bible reading. The bible also gives us the image of eternal life, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, of us taking part in a feast. Messy Church, therefore, includes that image by us eating together by providing a meal for the family.


Being a family is an important part of being church; we are together and we do things together. Messy Church is not a club which parents send their children to, but a place where we can do things together. We eat together, we do the activities together, we worship together. It is a small period of time where we can lay down our distractions of the world and build up our relationships together.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month.


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